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It is our goal at MJ Crafts Design Studio to make your visit and shopping
experience an easy and enjoyable one.  In this section you will find the
answers to the most frequently asked questions by our loyal customers.  

If you don't find an answer to your questions here, or if there is anything
else we can do to help you, please email by clicking
customer support.


 How is the Eggypiece created?

2.  What are your payment options?

3.  Do you ship internationally, or only to the states?

4.  What are the shipping rates?

5.  What is the delivery time? How long will it take for my order to arrive?

6.  Can I get a printed catalog?

7.  What kind of packaging do you supply? Do you offer gift wrap?

8.  What is your warranty? How do I return an item?

9.  What is your privacy policy?  Do you sell the email addresses?

10. Is PayPal safe to use?

11. Should I receive an item identical to the photograph?

Can't find your answer here? Please contact us. We will answer immediately.
#8  What is your warranty? How do I return and

MJ Crafts Design Studio strives to provide its
customers with the best, quality created crafts
and art creations, and we make every effort to
meet your high standards for quality products,
accurate descriptions, reliable shipping and
exceptional customer service. If you should
experience a problem, question or concern
regarding your purchase,
please contact us

- We provide a 14 day money back guarantee

- Any items broken during shipment will be
replaced after we receive the original piece back

- If you would rather have your money back,
return the piece and we will refund you

- You MUST first contact us,
BEFORE returning
the art creation

- The creation MUST be returned in the original
packaging with all the same packaging protection
(foams, etc) that was included when you
received the package

- A note MUST be included stating the reason for
the return
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