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 How is the Eggypiece created?

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#1.  How is the Eggypiece created?

With a lot of love, patience, attention to detail,
and above all...with a very steady hand!

All decorated eggs (eggypieces) are individually
created with ceramic and porcelain. All are hand
designed, handmade, hand carved and
decorated by the artist herself. Painted in satin
and pastels colors and enamels, embellished
with accents of genuine Swarovski  Austrian
Crystals. All findings are 18K gold plated. Some
of the Eggypieces are mounted on an exclusive
stand of English pewter with 18K gold plating.

Gold and silver enamel painting finish gives the
final touch to each eggypiece.  Porcelain
handmade flowers in pastels colors, gives each
eggypiece the flowering garden ambiance. Each
eggypiece has its own theme and every detail is
carefully thought-out to be "one-of-a-kind".
Some of the eggs are also decorated with glass
pieces, glass beads and other special effects
such as movement or music elements.

Each Eggypiece includes a "Certificate of
Authenticity" which includes a serial number,
hand-signed by the artist and the excellence
seal which identifies each eggypiece of this
collection as part of the exclusive "Eggypiece Art
Collection" of MJ Crafts Design Studio. Each
eggypiece version has a limited edition.
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