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Site Map / Crafts Home / About the Artist / Decorated Egg "Eggypiece" Art Collection Gallery / Decorated Eggs Boxes/
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Gems. The ancients understood that Gems, not only looked pretty but also had the powers to heal and protect.
These beliefs gave rise to the modern day system of Birthstones. The Indians strongly believe wearing the in wrong
positions and strengthen the positive influences of the planets in the correct place. The Chinese lunar calendar,
which was created, based on the years attributes human qualities to Animals and is still followed on the Chinese
New Year to decide the fate of the year and people the character of people born in that year. The Chinese years are
calculated in a 12-year cycle. Even healing methods like Crystal healing place certain Gems at the seven Chakras of
the body to heal diseases.

Whether Alexandrite or Diamonds, Rubies or Zircons, the concept of Birthstones has become an important part of
the Gem and Jewellery world. Birthstones can be decided on the day of the week, time, place and date of birth,
Zodiac birthstones, Chakras, Lunar calendars or month of birth. Personal preferences play a large part in deciding
what one's Birthstone is! We have given the birthstones as per the month of birth below.

The month of January gets it name from the Roman god Janus - the double headed god of gates and doors signifying
both new beginnings and endings. The birthstone for the first month of the Roman calendar is Garnet. It is also the
birthstone for January under the Arabic, Hebrew Calendars. This gemstone is the commonly accepted as the
contemporary birthstone for January. This durable stone with a hardness of 7 on the mohs scale is widely used in
making Gemstone Jewellery.

The Indians or Hindu believe the birthstone for January is Ruby.
Most Birthstones in Hinduism depend on the placement of the nine planets in the Astrological chart. January is
associated with the Sun and Ruby is the gem for the Sun which determines the energy and vitality of a person. A
weak Sun can lead to diseases of the mind and head, which can be remedied by wearing a Ruby ring.
rather birthstones have been arrived at depending on the year one is born in. The first animal of the Chinese
Calendar is the Mouse or the Rat. People born in the year of the mouse are charming and attractive. They are
perfectionists and years of the Rat are 1912 | 1924 | 1936 | 1948 | 1960 | 1972 | 1984 | 1996 | 2008 | 2020.
The birthstone for the Mouse is Moonstones or Pearls.

Amethyst is the birthstone for the second month of the calendar year. This rich royal stone worn both by Clerics and
Fashionistas, has become the birthstone for February followed by the traditional Hebrews and the Arabs, it is also
the modern birthstone.

The Hindus believe Topaz to be stone for February. The Topaz is said to be associated with Jupiter - the god of
wealth. Astrological charts having a strong positive Jupiter influence are wealthy people. The Hindus believe
wearing a ring of topaz or any other clear flawless yellow stone like yellow citrine or yellow sapphire can
strengthen a weak Jupiter bringing wealth to the wearer.

The Year of the Ox is associated with Topaz and Amber in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. According to the Chinese
legend, the Ox crossed the river after the mouse, coming second in the race amongst 12 animals The years of the
ox are 1913 | 1925 | 1937 | 1949 | 1961 | 1973 | 1985 | 1997 | 2009 | 2021 and it is the second most
important year according to the Chinese calendar. People born under this sign are patient and easy-going however
they can be very stubborn in situations.

The bloodstone is the traditional birthstone for the third month of the calendar, and the aquamarine is the modern
alternative to the bloodstone. The Arabic, Hebrew and Roman and the modern world accept both the traditional
Bloodstone and the modern aquamarine widely as their birthstones.

The Hindus, however consider the opal and other white stones like pearl or white coral auspicious for people born
in March. This stone corresponds to the Moon and governs the emotional aspect of a person's character. The
position of the Moon in an astrological chart indicates thought patterns of a person. Wearing any natural flawless
white gemstone ring can strengthen a weak Moon.

The race among 12 animals decided the Chinese Cyclical calendar and the Tiger was the third to finish the race
across the river. People born in the year of the Tiger are sensitive and deep-thinkers who get along well with
Horses, Dragons and Dogs. Their birthstone is the color-changing Alexandrite. The year of the Tiger is 1914 | 1926
| 1938 | 1950 | 1962 | 1974 | 1986 | 1998 | 2010 | 2022

The month heralding Spring has the beautiful Diamond as its Birthstone. The Hindu religion too relates the Diamond
to the month of April. The planet Venus is the ruler for the Diamond - sensuality, love, marriage are all influenced by
Venus and Indigo is the cosmic color for all pure, colorless gemstones which resemble Diamonds.
However, the Sapphire is believed to be the ancient birthstone for Hebrews, Romans and Arabs. Rabbits are
articulate people who are ambitious and have good taste, they are also excellent gamblers.
The Chinese Calendar has the Jade or Emerald as the birthstone for Rabbit people born in the years 1915 | 1927 |
1939 | 1951 | 1963 | 1975 | 1987 | 1999 | 2011 | 2023.

The fifth month of the calendar year has its birthstone the gorgeous green Emerald. This stone is one of the four
precious stones along with Diamonds. Measuring 7.5 on the Mohs scale , the Emerald is widely used in gemstone

The Emerald is also the birthstone for the Arabs and the Hindus. Mercury is the planet that rules the Emerald and
other green stones as per the Hindu astronomers. Mercury rules the mind - intelligence and affects a person's
ability for public speaking, education, travel etc. Emeralds are believed help in shortsightedness, laziness etc.

The Hebrew and the Romans have Agate as their May birthstones and agate is the traditional birthstone for May.
Dragon people are healthy, energetic but eccentric who get along with Snakes and Monkeys. Their birthstone is
Garnet or Agate. The year of the Dragon are 1916 | 1928 | 1940 | 1952 | 1964 | 1976 | 1988 | 2000 | 2012 |

People born in June, have two choices in birthstones depending on their taste. The delicate, pale moonstone (or
even pearls) or the color-change alexandrite, named after King Alexander. Both these stones are accepted at the
modern birthstones for July. The Hebrews and Roman traditional birthstones are emerald, whereas the Agate is the
stone for the Arabs.

Pearls are also the birthstones for Hindus born in June. Believers even consume medicines made of their
birthstones to protect them from the ill-effects of planets placed wrongly at the time of birth. The Snake was the
sixth animal to complete the task of crossing the river, according to the ancient folklore. These deep, intense and
wise people have the Black Pearl as their birthstone. The Chinese follow both the ancient Chinese Animal signs and
Western astrological predictions. The years of the Snake are 1917 | 1929 | 1941 | 1953 | 1965 | 1977 | 1989 |
2001 | 2013 | 2025

Red Rubies are the modern birthstones for the month of July- named in honor of the greatest Roman emperors -
Julius Caesar. Rubies are one of the four precious stones and flawless pieces can command prices more than
Diamonds. The Ancients- Hebrews and Romans consider the Onyx to be the lucky stone for people born in July,
while the Arabs believe the Carnelian to be July's stone.

Hindu Astrological charts put the Blue Sapphire or any other natural blue - violet hue stone as remedies against
faults created by a weak or negatively placed Saturn. This planet is said to have control over a person's career and
obstacles faced in career.

People born in the year of the Horse have Turquoise as their birthstone and are a popular, cheerful lot who are good
with their hands. The years of the Horse are 1918 | 1930 | 1942 | 1954 | 1966 | 1978 | 1990 | 2002 | 2014 |
2026. They can establish a good rapport with people born in the year of the Tiger, Dog and Sheep.

The calendar followed by the modern world is credited to the Romans. They called the eight month of the calendar
year August after one of the first Roman Emperors - Augustus. Found in a variety of shades from lime to yellowish
green, the Peridot is the modern birthstone for August. The Romans and Hebrews consider the pink Carnelian to be
their birthstone for August, which is the traditional birthstone for this month.

The month of August is associated with the Ruby by the Hindus - the same stone as for January. Wearing the Ruby
can protect the wearer from mental illnesses and the clear flawless sunstones set in gold are recommended for a
flawed Sun. The place of the sun in the astrological chart determines the physical appearance of a person and his
influence over others.

The legend of the Animals says that one day 12 animals asked god to rank them. They were told they would be
ranked in order of crossing the river. The Ox was the first to cross, but the clever mouse had jumped on the Ox's
back and crossed the river along with the Ox and before the Ox could land on the other side, the Mouse jumped
down and was the first to cross the river. The Sheep finished eight and is therefore the animal for the Eight year.
The birthstone associated with the year of the Sheep is Red Coral or Opal. The years of the Sheep are 1919 | 1931
| 1943 | 1955 | 1967 | 1979 | 1991 | 2003 | 2015 | 2027. The Sheep are shy, pessimistic and religious whose
birthstone is Red coral or Opal.

The world's most popular gemstone is the Sapphire, which is also the birthstone for the month of September. With a
hardness of 9 on the mohs scale, it is second to the Diamond in hardness. This durable stone can be fashioned into
almost any shape and is a very popular choice for Jewellery. The Sapphire is the modern alternative to the
traditional Lapis Lazuli , a blue colored stone, with specks of gold in it.

Peridot is the birthstone for September for the Hebrews and Romans and even for the Arabic region. The Hindus
accept that the Zircon/ Hessonite is popularly considered to be the stone for September. The planet Rahu can cause
illnesses, drug and alcohol abuse, personal frustration etc when in a wrong position in the astrological charts, but
the same planet in a positive place can elevate a person to great wealth and power. Wearing the Hessonite set in
Silver on the second finger of the right hand can reduce the ill-effects of Rahu on one's life.

The year of the Monkey is 1920 | 1932 | 1944 | 1956 | 1968 | 1980 | 1992 | 2004 | 2016 | 2028. People born in
the year of the Monkey are eccentric geniuses with good memories. Their birthstone is the White Coral or Opal.

The eighth month of the Roman calendar year, called October - Octet meaning 8 has the white luminous Opal as its
Birthstone. The Pink Tourmaline is also sometimes offered as an alternative to the Opal. The Hebrews, Romans and
Arabs consider the Aquamarine to be the birthstone for this month. Birthstones vary across cultures and regions, but
everyone everywhere in the world believes in the concept of a Birthstone - it serves to make a person feel special
and also protect them from evil.

Indians regard Red Coral as the birthstone corresponding to the Planet Mars, the ruler of strength, vitality and
courage. All pink and red colored stones are associated with this planet. A weak Mars will lead to poor health and
illnesses. Red Coral is highly valued in India for its therapeutic properties. Final quality Red corals are expensive
and highly valued in India/ Tibet etc.

The Citrine is the birthstone for the Year of the Rooster, who in came 10th in the race. People born in this year are
interesting and brave. They make great friends for Ox, Snakes and Dragons. The years of the Rooster are 1921 |
1933 | 1945 | 1957 | 1969 | 1981 | 1993 | 2005 | 2017 | 2029

Novem means nine in Roman and the ninth month is named November appropriately by the Romans. The Topaz or
the Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November. Even the ancients - Hebrews, Romans and the Arabics also
accept Topaz as the November birthstone.

In India, Astrologers make astrological charts as soon as children are born depending on the time and place of birth.
The birthstones are decided depending on the placement of the nine planets in the astrological charts. The
birthstone for November as per the Hindu astrological chart is Cats Eye. The planet associated with this stone is
Ketu. This mysterious planet can create a severe negative influence if it is in a wrong position. Tourmaline, Peridot
and other yellowish-green gems are stones which protect the wearer from the negative influences of Ketu.

1922 | 1934 | 1946 | 1958 | 1970 | 1982 | 1994 | 2006 | 2018 | 2030 are all the years of the Dog. Loyal,
Honest, people born in these years are natural leaders. Their birthstone is Lapis Lazuli. Since 1911, the Chinese
have adopted the Western calendar but they still believe in their Chinese Animal signs which serve the dual purpose
of guessing a person's age without appearing rude and also give a general overview on the person's characteristics

If you are planning to gift a birthstone piece to a December- born person, you are lucky. There are several choices
available - Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, Blue Zircon - blue is the color for December. Gold or Silver, these blue
gems look exquisite with any metal. The traditional alternatives for December, followed by the Hebrews, Romans
and Arabs are Rubies.

The Hindu chart associates the Topaz as the stone for December. It is believed that no two astrological charts can
be same. The accuracy of time of birth is crucial in making the astrological chart of a person. Te planetary positions
change every second and a difference of 60 seconds can lead to a wrong astrological chart.

The last animal to reach the river was the lazy pig. The year of the Pig or Wild Boar has the Ruby or Lavender Jade
as its Birthstone. Gallant and Chivalrous, Pig people get along with Rabbits and Sheep. The year of the Pig is 1923 |
1935 | 1947 | 1959 | 1971 | 1983 | 1995 | 2007 | 2019 | 2031
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