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Amethyst is a transparent light lavender to deep purple form of crystalline quartz. The light lavender variety, called "Cape
Amethyst", is rapidly gaining popularity.

Aquamarine is a translucent to transparent blue to pale green Beryl (Emerald is the deep green variety of Beryl). Most
commonly, pale, icy blue.

A form of translucent reddish-orange to red agate, also known as Mecca stone, Pigeon Blood Agate, Sardoine, Cornelian. The
name is most commonly believed to be derived from the Latin "carne", meaning flesh. It is sometimes referred to as
"Cornelian" rather than "Carnelian" as others attribute the name to the Latin "cor", meaning heart.

Citrine is a yellow, golden or orange-yellow transparent variety of crystalline quartz. It is known by many other names, for
instance, it was sometimes referred to as "Madeira" or "Bahia" Topaz, "Cuddle Quartz" and the "Merchant's Stone".

Gemstone coral is an organic (i.e., created from living creatures). It is usually red, orange-red or pink. Genuine, undyed coral
is quite rare and expensive.

Fire Opal
Fire Opal is the bright red/pink variety of opal, usually found in Mexico and therefore sometimes called "Mexican Fire Opal".

Most commonly burgundy red, Garnet comes in various shades of transparent to translucent red, pink, orange-red, orange,
purple and green. Garnets get their name from the Latin "granatum", meaning "seed of the pomegranate", which the
burgundy red varieties resemble.

Green Aventurine
Natural Green Aventurine, a variety of translucent quartz, derives its color from minor inclusions of unoxidized iron minerals.
Aventurine also comes in blue and peach or orange.

Jade comes in both Nephrite Jade and Jadeite, with Jadeite being the precious variety.

Labradorite is a shimmery gem, usually khaki green, though sometimes gray, with characteristic flashes of Blue Fire, called
"Labradorescence". Discovered in 1770 on the Labrador Peninsula, from whence it gets its name. The Finnish variety is called

Lapis Lazuli
The most prized Lapis Lazuli is royal blue, though it ranges in color from green to sky blue, with characteristic glittering golden
specks. Sometimes called "sapphire" in ancient Egyptian references. The name comes from the Latin "lapis" which means
"stone" and Persian "lajuward" also meaning "stone". It is also known as "Lazurite".

Called Moonstone for its resemblance to the silvery moon, it comes in pure white with blue fire (Rainbow), white, gray, peach,
pink and yellow. The Greeks believed the stone was ruled by the Goddess Selene calling it Aphroselene.

Onyx comes in a wide range of colors. Some onyx is evenly colored while some is banded. Strongly banded onyx is sometimes
referred to as "Sardonyx".

Peruvian Blue Opal
A true opal in that the stone is quartz with trapped water, Peruvian Blue Opal does not have the irridescent color play of an
Australian Opal, rather Peruvian Blue Opal is prized for the extremely attractive color. This opal is also frightfully expensive
and continues to increase in price at an equally frightful pace.

Poppy Jasper
Poppy Jasper is an opaque semi-precious gemstone, generally brick red, with black, tan and white patterns. Sometimes
referred to as "Brecciated Jasper". Rarely referred to as "Silex".

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is light to medium pink, and almost always cloudy variety of Quartz. For some unknown Geologic reason, Rose
Quartz rarely forms crystals.

Rutilated Quartz
Quartz is quite common, however, very clear quartz is more rare. Rarer still is clear quartz shot through with fine, golden or
golden-red needle-like rutile crystals. Sometimes called "Venus Hair Stone", "Maiden Hair Stone", "Cupid's Arrow" and

Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz is a clear gray or brown variety of crystalline Quartz. Also known as "Cairngorm" or "Morion" and occasionally
referred to as the "Dream Stone".

Long a gemstone of importance, Topaz is generally a translucent yellow, golden, green, light brown, light blue or clear. Topaz
gets its name from the Red Sea Island, Topazin (Topasos). Pink topaz is generally heat treated.

Tourmaline gets its name from the Singhalese name, "turamali", which means "colored stone", and indeed Tourmaline comes
in dozens of colors. The Dutch called it "aschentrekker", meaning "ash-drawer" as it will draw ashes toward it when warmed
(pyroelectric). Tourmaline comes in a variety of beautiful and vivid colors, and is a durable gemstone that has gained
tremendous popularity (with skyrocketing costs) over the last 20 years. Highly prized is Watermelon Tourmaline (green
outside and pink inside)

Turquoise is an opaque, light robin egg blue to green stone. Real Turquoise is surprisingly light in weight. It derives its name
from "Turkish Stone", after the Turks, who considered it lucky. Ancient Arabians called it "Fayruz", meaning "lucky stone"
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