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Hummingbird Niche Masterpiece Eggypiece- Hand carved w/extreme care and dedication. Top opens showing the hummingbird in his niche full of porcelain roses. Painted in matte satin pink and green with gold enamel details. Accented w/amethyst and AB Austrian Crystals. Gold glazed 18K gold pigments on the inside. Gold plated heavy stand and findings. Extremely delicate. All-around hand carved. Decorated box available for this eggypiece.
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Some decorated eggs of the Faberge Collection
Lilies of the Valley Egg
Height: 5-5/16 inches, 7-7/8 inches when open
Markings: MP (Michael Perchin), crossed anchors, 56
Date: 1898              
Coronation Egg
Height: 5 inches
Markings: MP (Michael Perchin), crossed anchors, 56
Length of coach: 3-11/16 inches                                        
        Date: 1897          
Decorated Egg-Lilies of the Valley Faberge Egg
Decorated Egg- Coronation Faberge Egg
One of only two eggs executed in the Art Nouveau style, this
golden egg is covered by a multitude of pearls and is covered
with pale pink enamel. The eggs is supported by cabriole legs of
matte green-gold leaves with rose diamond dewdrops. The
gold-stemmed lilies of the valley have green enamelled leaves
and pearl flowers. The egg is surmounted by an Imperial crown
of rose diamonds and cabachon rubies.

A pearl knob, when twisted, reveals the surprise of this egg:
portrait minatures of Czar Nicholas II and his two oldest
daughters: Olga and Tatiana. The portraits are raised by a
geared mechanism inside the egg and causes the portraits to
spread fan-like once they have emerged from the egg. The
portraits are framed in rose diamonds and backed with gold
panels engraved with the presentation date: April 5, 1898.
This egg is the most popular of all the Faberge eggs. The
surface is enamelled translucent yellow applied to a golden
field of starbursts. The egg is trellised with bands of laurel
wrought from gold. Opaque, black-enamelled Imperial eagles
appear at each trellis intersection. Each eagle carries a small
diamond on its chest. The surprise in this egg is the miniature
coronation coach. The accurate and highly-detailed coach
took 15 months to fabricate. Red lacquer and upholstery of
the original coach was recreated using red enamel and the
blues of the interior were also faithfully reproduced in
enamels. The gilt coach frame was reproduced in gold, the
iron wheel rims in platinum, and glass windows in etched rock
crystal. The coach is surmounted by an Imperial crown with  
rose diamonds.
Gold Pelican Egg
Height: 4-1/8 inches
Markings: MP (Michael Perchin), crossed anchors, 56
Date: 1897        
Peter the Great Egg
Height: 4 inches
Markings: MP (Michael Perchin), crossed anchors, 56
Date: 1903        
Decorated Egg-Gold Pelican Faberge Egg
Decorated Egg-Peter the Great Faberge Egg
The egg is made of gold and the ornaments are
engraved. This is one of the few eggs that is not
enamelled over most of its surface. Surmounting the
egg is an enamelled, diamond-studded pelican feeding
her young, an emblem of motherhood. The surprise is
that the egg, when taken from its stand, can be
opened up to display a screen of miniatures on ivory
by Zehngraf. The miniatures portrayed the Institutions
of the Empress Marie.
Serving a dual role, this egg also marked the bicentennial of
the founding of St. Petersburg in 1703. Executed in gold in
the extravagant rococo style, the curves are set with The
spikyheads are set with square rubies. The surprise is that
when the egg is opened, a mechanism within raises a
minaiture model in gold of Peter teh Great's monument on
the Neva, resting on a base of sapphire.
Renaissance Egg
Length: 5-1/4 inches
Markings: MP (Michael Perchin), FABERGE, crossed
anchors, 56
Date: 1894
Resurrection Egg
Height: 3-7/8 inches
Markings: MP (Michael Perchin), crossed anchors, 56
Date: 1887
Decorated Egg-Resurrection Faberge Egg
Decorated Egg-Renaissance Faberge Egg
the Grunes Gewolbe Museum), this piece is richly
decorated with colorful stones. The name for the egg
comes from the source of its inspiration, as well as the
Renaissance-style enamelled foliate motifs. The egg is
made of milky chalcedony and trellised with opaque
white enamel gold bands. At each trellis intersection
there is a quatrefoil of diamonds with a ruby center. The
egg is bisected by a red enamelled gold band.
Under the bisecting band and around the red enamelled
top, the Renaissance-style motifs, set with diamonds
and cabochon rubies, are placed. The top has the date,
1894, set in rose diamonds. The egg, last of the eggs for
Czar Alexander III, rests on a golden base with
enamelled red and green flowers and palmettes against
a white background. The had two chased gold lion masks,
with loop handles in their mouths. The surprise that came
in this egg has been lost and is unknown.
that is colorfully enamelled in a Renaissance-inspired
between bands of opaque white enamel dotted with red
enamel. The base features four pearls and panels of rose
diamonds and eight brilliant-cut diamonds. The base
supports a large pearl which is connected to the crystal
egg with gold mounts. The egg itself is banded with gold
and diamonds. The resurrection group featured inside is
Christ rising from the tomb, flanked by two angels. The
figures are enamelled in opaque colors quite
naturastically. This was only the second egg of the
Imperial egg series. It had no surprise within. It is also
the only Imperial Faberge egg with a direct reference to
the Easter holiday it was created to observe.
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