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behind the hands that make crafts. Every crafter has a tale about how they got started making and/or selling their
What's your story?
Come on, I know you have a story! Remember that what may not seem interesting to you may be very interesting to
someone else. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

What initially sparked your interest in creating your craft?
How did you learn your particular style of craftsmanship?
Did anyone mentor or encourage you?
Have you always "had a knack" for creating things?
Do you do this as a full-time job?
What else do you do besides crafts?
Did you just begin selling your crafts? If so, what made you decide to start your business?

Ask yourself these and similar questions that someone might want to know about you.
Over time, you will get a feel for the questions that customers ask over and over. If you pay attention to your clientele,
your story will evolve quite well on it's own.

Tell your story!
Craft Shows: Be sure to always greet browsers. Often, people (who may be interested in buying your products) will
eventually ask about the story behind your crafts or yourself. This is when you tell your tale! Not all of us are natural
salespeople, but after you tell your tale several times, it will get much easier. Remember, no one knows your products like
you, so you are the best salesman for your crafts!

Online: Many Web sites fall short when it comes to "selling the crafter" as well as selling the craft. Put up a simple "About
the Crafter/Artist" page that tells your story. If your craft itself has a history, try adding this information too. Pictures of
you in your workshop/work area can also bring the customer a little closer to you. Almost anything that can be expressed
off line can also be expressed online. Of course these are only suggestions, use your creativity!

Literature: Print some simple one or two page fliers with a few pictures of your products, pricing information and the story
fairly inexpensive fliers these days using software and a color printer; but, if you will need a large amount of literature,
many discount office supply stores have reasonable printing rates.many discount office supply stores have reasonable
printing rates.

Everyone likes to hear the stories behind creative people. So why not share yours?
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