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your online storefront, there are a few guidelines to follow.
Marketing Plan
Every business requires a marketing plan and budget. The great thing about marketing online is that there are many ways
to get the word out about your site for free. But free services, while plentiful, are not the only way to go. You need to
advertise. Purchase links on high-traffic sites that are related, but are not in direct competition with you. Remember that
expensive ads are not always the best buy. Low cost, targeted ads can be a very effective way to increase sales. The
point is to have a plan and watch your results closely.

Quality Images/Descriptions
Let's face it, people like to see and touch crafts to help them make the decision to buy. Since this cannot be accomplished
online, do the next best thing. Provide your visitors with quality images and detailed descriptions. If you cannot develop
top-notch graphics of your products yourself, hire a professional. It will be worth it in the long run.

Customer Service
Just as in "real world" sales, providing your customers with quality service and attention is very important. Answer
inquiries in a timely manner, within hours if possible. Be sure you have a return policy and that it is easy for visitors to find.
When an item is sold, be sure to include contact information with the package to help promote future purchases. Create a
"FAQ" (frequently asked questions) page on your site containing questions that seem to get asked over and over. Do
whatever it takes to make sure your visitors have all the information they require, and provide that information very

Online Ordering
In today's online marketplace, a site without online ordering capabilities is a site with few to no sales. When a customer is
shopping online, a customer wants to purchase online quickly and easily. There are many options available to add this
service to an existing site for little to no cost. Remember, if a visitor finds a product they want to buy at your site, but have
to go through too many steps to buy it (such as waiting until your business is open to place a call), they will very likely click
off into cyberspace to make the purchase from your competitor!
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