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women’s fashions and home décor.  As the parallel between fashion and home décor narrows, consumers are buying
throw pillows the same way they buy shoes -- acquiring distinctive pieces that update what they already have to create a
fresh look without spending a lot of money.  

Befitting this trend, home lifestyle expert Susie Coelho recently launched Susie Coelho Style -- a line of stylish home basics
and décor exclusively at Mervyns.  Coelho, host of HGTV’s hit series “Outer Spaces”
and best-selling author of “Everyday Styling: Easy Tips for Home, Garden and Entertaining” and “Styling for Entertaining,”
takes a unique and accessible wardrobing approach to home styling.  

“When you have a variety of home décor basics and accessories, refreshing the look of your home can be a simple, cost
efficient, and above all, fun process,” says Coelho.  “By simply rearranging the furniture in a
room, using decorative accessories in a new or unique way and then buying a few fresh pieces, consumers can afford to
keep their homes up-to-date with the latest home fashions.”

Cultivated from her extensive background in fashion, home decorating, gardening, and entertaining, Coelho shares some
everyday styling tips to help you create your own home décor wardrobe.

Tip Number 1: Examine your closet

Home décor trends follow women’s fashions.  By examining the clothes in your closet you will not only get great ideas
about what colors, fabrics, and themes to look for to freshen up your home, but you will also
find insight into your own personal style -- an important element in home styling.  If your own closet contains more
conservative pieces, opt for décor that mimics the same classic feel, like a black and white color palette with clean lines.  If
your taste is more eclectic, mix fabrics and textures and include items with unique characteristics.  To simplify your choices,
try starting with two colors and use a third color as an accent.  For a soothing and more consistent look, try using tonal
variations of one color.  Just like when you dress, too many colors can often be busy or without a distinctive point of view
or style.

Tip Number 2: Buy smart basics

It’s important to start with a foundation of quality home basics, such as sheets, towels, and dinnerware, in several colors
as variety gives you more options.  Then mix-and-match your sets or change them according to your mood, the type of
entertaining you are doing, or even the season.  Coelho suggests having at least two to three sets of dinnerware.  One of
the sets should be cream or white so you can mix-and-match to create several different looks by varying the color palettes
and decorative accents.  To maximize the longevity of your home basics, consider how the same item can be used multiple
ways or in different rooms.  Reversible comforters and pillows are great because you can just flip them over when you are
ready for a change.  All of the comforters in the Susie Coelho Style collection are reversible and were designed with the
idea of change in mind.

Tip Number 3: Think of different ways to use what you already have

Before buying all new décor for a room, choose a new color palette and then search other rooms in your house for items
that can be used to align with your new color scheme.  Items may often be used in unexpected or unique ways.  A throw
can serve as decorative table runner or thrown over a sofa to mask a tear or a print you may want to minimize.  Pillows
can be switched from room to room.  Don’t be restricted by the fact that you bought something for one room as it can
easily be used in a different way in another room.  Keep open to new possibilities and throw convention to the wind!  

Tip Number 4: Update with a few new pieces

After you’ve reworked your basics and found new ways to use what you already have in your home wardrobe, find a few
new pieces that help bring together your fresh new look.  This could be new candles, vases, sheets and a few pillows for
the bedroom, or an entire new bedding collection that will instantly change the look of your room.  An easy makeover and
done in just a day!   

Tip Number 5: Be true to your personal style

Just like shopping for clothes, women should keep their own personal style in mind when shopping for home décor.  If an
item doesn’t complement what you already have or just doesn’t excite you, you’ll end up stowing it in the back of the
closet next to the odd-colored blouse with the tags still on it that you bought five years ago.  Don’t be afraid to
experiment with new looks for your home, but if you get the feeling that a piece just isn’t you or won’t mesh with what
you already have, it’s probably better to leave it on the shelf.

Further extending her passion for wardrobing the home, Coelho designed her new line of bedding and home décor for
Mervyns to offer maximum style, versatility and affordability with every piece. “I’ve had the opportunity to make over
hundreds of indoor and outdoor spaces and understand consumer tastes, trends, and budgets which has allowed me to
create a home collection that is stylish, functional, and a good value,” says  Coelho.  “I hope my new collection inspires
people to express themselves and personalize their home with these versatile pieces.  They can start with what they have
and add unexpected or new elements to create a look that is completely their own.”

To find the Mervyns store near you, visit www.mervyns.com or call (800) MERVYNS.
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