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(ARA) - Halloween has become one of the most anticipated holidays of the year
are even getting inspired by their children’s ghoulishly delightful Halloween tricks
and treats.  Whether you plan to take the kids trick-or-treating or have a large-scale
Halloween party, there are many creative ways to make this Halloween unforgettable.

Perfect Glue, a great resource for family-friendly Halloween projects, offers these
simple, time-saving tips for creating a frighteningly chic night to remember.

* Make memorable candy dishes utilizing inexpensive items or materials you already
have around the house.   Use items such as oatmeal containers, construction paper
and remnant fabric or ribbon to create themed candy dishes and centerpieces.

* Create an outstanding tablescape that will raise the dead.  Add unique flair to your Halloween atmosphere with a terror-
ific tree with branches of spiders and skulls.  Use felt to make traditional pumpkins, black cats and ghosts.  As an added
touch, stuff each ornament with yummy goodies or other fun keepsakes, then watch as they disappear.

* Put away the breakable serving platters.  Make this year’s festivities a little less frightening by keeping your expensive
serving pieces out of sight.  Instead, construct several platters by covering inexpensive paper cups and round cake boards
with decorative paper.  They have many decorative uses and can also be used to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.

* Get inspired to create a pumpkin goodie bag trick-or-treaters will proudly carry for years to come.  Begin by tracing a
pumpkin template onto orange felt and cutting out two layers.  Apply Perfect Glue 1 (it
won’t bond skin, so the kids can use it with supervision) around the edges and glue the layers together, leaving the top
open.  Cut pumpkin face features out of black, white and yellow felt; glue onto the front.  
Finally, cut two long ribbons for the handles, fold the edges and glue to the inside of the bag.  Let the bag dry for one
hour before allowing the treats to flow.

* Host a pre-Halloween party where family and friends can enjoy making a variety of scary décor and fun-filled treats.  
Gathering to create seasonal crafts has long been a family tradition.  Carry the tradition
into Halloween this year and invite friends and family over to make awe-inspiring Halloween crafts instead of purchasing
them.  These parties create cherished memories and the quality time spent together is

Need more not-so-scary décor projects?  Visit www.perfectglue.com for detailed instructions and photos to make creating
Halloween decorating simple and fun.
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Tips for Creating Frightfully Good Halloween Decor
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Looking for a Trendy Trick or Treat-Frighteningly Ideas for Halloween Decor