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While it may seem “scary” to create your own Halloween costumes by
hand, with a little creativity, you can impress your neighbors and fellow
partygoers with a unique costume that reflects your personality.

“One of the hottest Halloween costume trends we’re seeing this year is
personalization. Rather than show up to the party looking like everyone else, adults and kids
alike will gravitate toward embellishments and accessories to add their own unique signature
to ordinary costumes,” says Kathy Lamancusa, trends expert for Jo-Ann Stores. “A twist on the
ordinary is what makes Halloween truly personal and special.”
“We anticipate pirates, witches and wizards will be a big hit this Halloween, but with a personal flair, such as punk pirates,
diva witches and techno wizards, versus the traditional versions of these themes.”

For a hip costume idea, consider the following “bag of tricks” from Lamancusa:

* If you’re a “Bewitched” fan, put your own spin on a witch’s costume by being a diva witch with a big wig, embellished
broom and bejeweled sun glasses.  Or, combine a hat and broom with a doctor’s mask and be a witch doctor.

* Take a page from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and go one step further to create an over-the-top pirate look with makeup,
wild hair and a jeweled eye patch.

* If you’re going out as a group, have each person create their own unique superhero costume.  Stuff a stretchy shirt with
polyfil for a muscular Mr. Incredible look or pair a black eye mask and cat ears headband
to become Catwoman.

* Fairies are an increasingly popular costume choice with new iridescent and opalescent fabrics that add a fanciful twist to
the traditional tulle and silks.   Make your own fairy costume by combining wings and a
wand with a glittery dress.  

* Like Harry Potter?  Combine a brown cape and black glasses with a crazy wig for a variation on this popular costume to
personalize your own “Hairy Potter” costume.

* If your child recently lost a tooth, maybe she’d like to be the tooth fairy. Combine a set of wings and wand with a T-shirt
or turtleneck on which you’ve drawn or ironed on an outline of a tooth.

* And, don’t forget Fido!  Consider dressing your pets for Halloween, or making them your sidekick.  Shaggy and Scooby-
Doo, Dorothy and Toto or Charlie Brown and Snoopy are a few ideas.

* Whatever the costume, personalize your look with embellishments, such as ribbons, seasonal stamps, beads, knitted
accents, feathers, buttons and paint.  Particularly popular this year are dangling and reflective beads.

For more advice and a variety of the latest costume components and Halloween products, stop by your local Jo-Ann craft
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Looking for a Trendy Trick or Treat?- Ideas For Frighteningly Creative (And Easy!) Halloween Costumes
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