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Thanksgiving Day Creations
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Item #STG- 01   Cornucopia Pin
Porcelain, 100% handmade,
hand crafted, hand painted art
pieces. Uniquely designed to
be one-of-a-kind.
Dimensions: About 4"h x 4"w
Description: This porcelain
handmade pin is hand painted in
glossy bright colors. Glass beads
and wire are used for the final
Unique Design!

Price: $26.50 each
Collect the Complete Collection!
If you order the complete
Collection, you will receive a
So take advantage of this offer
until it last.
For more details about the discount,
please email or call.
More Thanksgiving
items will be available
So come back!!!
Please don't forget to specify:
Item number, product name and the
item you want.

Also, if you have a specific color or
design you want the artist to used
or create for you,
please let us know.
Refer to:
Custom Designs Page for more
information. Thank you.

"I will be more than happy to
create these beautiful creations for
Mary Gonzalez
We are creating beautiful art pieces for every season and occasion
every day... so don't miss it.
More items will be available soon. If you want to receive information about our new items by email,
please email or call.
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